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Basic requirements to join TSGK
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PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 12:41    Post subject:  Basic requirements to join TSGK  

If you want to join TSGK be sure that:

- You don't cheat.
- You don't camp.
- You don't use RPG weapon.
- You don't swear, whine or brag on the servers.
- You are not a member of another clan.
- Your player status is "In good standing".
- You have fully read this Basic requirements thread.

Also, some recommendations (obligations) are:

- To understand english a minimum.
- To be a fun player (not seeking to be the first).
- To use Gravgun, grenades, stunstick and crowbar as much you can.
- To not use SMG over 2% of weapon usage.
- To have at least a KpD of 1.2 if possible (versatile requirement).
- To not share your accounts (Steam and Forum) with someone else.
- To not have been a member of another clan for the last 60 days.
- To really want to join TSGK and not just seek for a clan.
- To have at least a Rank of Private (5000 kills).
- To play on TSGK Servers often.

All TSGK members have:

- A reserved slot on all the TSGK Servers.
- A private access to TSGK Server X.
- A possibility to participate at a clan fight.
- Some special rights on the TSGK Forum.

All TSGK members should:

- Add _TSGK at the end of their name (on TSGK Servers at least).
- Play for the fun.

If you still interested to join TSGK, just post a request there:

- No guest post, you must be a registered user on this forum.
- One topic per requests and per players only.
- Do not post on behalf of another player.
- Don't forget to mention your player name.

- If you fit those basic requirements you will be eligible for a tryout.

Your joining application could be closed at any time and without further notice:

- If you join a clan during your TSGK joining application.
- If you have made an application to another clan 60 days prior to or during your TSGK joining application.
- If you withdraw your TSGK joining application.
- If your joining application has not been updated for a period of 2 months (bump it if you still interested).
- If you do not meet the basic requirements at all (swear, brag or cheat).
- If you didn't fully read this thread.

Multiple steam account usage for a single player isn't allowed.
Your application will be closed if you don't specify anything about a probable situation where more than 1 steam account may be confused with a single outcoming/incoming connection in relation with a current joining application.

~ Any VAC banned account that may be confused with a current joining application would void this application or further ones permanently without exception, what ever the raison of the ban at all. ~

Weekly activity requirement at TSGK Servers regarding your joining process:

• Be sure that your weekly activity (last 7 days) on TSGK Servers is over 800 kills at the time of your joining request, if your weekly activity is under 800 kills you may not recieve a reply and you will not be eligible for a tryout.

• After being eligible for a tryout, your weekly activity on TSGK Servers must be over 800 kills, if not then your tryout will not be scheculed and/or canceled until your weekly activity is over 800 kills again.

You can use this search engine to find your personal activity on TSGK Servers:

Only your personal activity on TSGK Servers will be took in consideration.

Any applications which would be linked with a previous terminated TSGK membership are subject to arbitrary decision following none of the rules above without further explaination concerning its finality.
By opening a joining request at TSGK you agree with the fact that a complete review of your gameplay, in-game behavior and the result of an investigation about your gaming history/activity will be exposed publicaly.
If you believe that your gaming history/activity could be ambarrasing, do not open a joining application, as no application will be handled privatly.

- The first post of an opened application must stipulate that you have fully read and that you agree with this current Basic requirements. If you do not stipulate that you did read and agreed with this current Basic requirements at the first post of your joining application, this one will not be handled and will be closed without further notice.

- All eligibilities and organisation for tryouts are managed by Osiris_TSGK.

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